What to do with the daylight?
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Thinking out of the box

The title of her album caught my eyes: “What to do with the daylight?”. In a split of a second, I was thrown back to my twenties. Free time was real torture. I was far from valuing time as much as I do today.  

This single thought made me wonder: how is it possible, with all what life has to offer, I could be bored to death?  

As a fake extrovert, enjoying time with myself wasn’t much of a problem. I could stay days at home and find excuses to not meet with friends. I probably had more time to think about life than anyone on earth – at least, this is how I perceived it. So why I couldn’t come up with an idea, a vision, a meaningful path to follow? 

It didn’t matter how much time I put into thinking, my thoughts were the same. Unchangeable. At the end of a thinking cycle, I always come back to where I started the day before. 

Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to square the circle. Me, I wanted to make it a straight line. Imagine your brain playing every day this same irritating song, and you have a grasp of how I felt. 

Ultimately, I broke out of the circle. From where I am now, the world looks different. In retrospect, I can see that the world was full of opportunities, choices, and meaningful things to do. The problem was not with the world, but with my narrow world. Does a fish in an aquarium realize that there’s more to life than where it lives? 

What to do with the daylight? It seems to me that I found an answer. Or, I am just in another aquarium?