The Muslim Shepherd

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The Muslim Shepherd

The only goal of The Muslim Shepherd is to revive curiosity in Muslims. 

Curiosity about their faith.

Islam is more relevant to our time than we might think and more beautiful than we try to describe it. 

Curiosity about universal knowledge.

Learning from Islamic texts is not enough, especially in a multi-faith and multicultural connected world.  

If we ignite in one person the desire to learn, to think, to act in the service of others, then we’ll consider the effort and time put in this blog totally worth it. 

The Muslim Shepherd has big dreams—awakening the dormant potential of Muslims.  We want to empower Muslims so that they learn, grow, prosper, form strong communities, and become valuable to the world. 

Let’s set a healthy foundation for the next generation of Muslims, so they can stand on our shoulders and continue our work. 



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