Assalaamu-alaikum, Peace be upon you.

I’m Amine and this is my blog.


A Little Bit About Me

I worked in Disneyland, schools, call centers, offices, construction sites, farms, restaurants… 

I was a team member, commis chef, administrative assistant, phone surveyor, laborer, assistant manager, team leader, mover, supervisor, manager, officer…

I traveled to different countries and worked with more than forty different nationalities. 

From the outside, it seems like a chaotic life. 

In reality, I’m grateful to have such a rich life filled with experiences. 

Writing popped into my life with the pandemic. Jobless for five months, I had more time to explore my curiosities. 

Then…I just became addicted! 

Even when very few read some of my articles, I couldn’t drop researching and writing. 

My favorite topics are spirituality, psychology, and anything that helps me improve myself and have a better understanding of the world. 

I’m curious about so many things that sometimes I wish I don’t have to sleep! 


My Other Publications

I rarely write for other platforms unless I’m invited. 

 Traveling Completely Transformed My Life. It Can Do the Same for You. 

Published on Battuta Magazine (31 Dec 2021) 

It was an excellent opportunity to share a little bit of my traveling experience. It’s more personal than what I usually publish on this blog.  

— How can Muslims unlock their true potential? 

Published on KN-OW (26 Jan 2021) 

KNOW is an EdTech social education platform for people who love to learn. I wrote this article when I was reading about the Islamic Golden Age. The same question kept coming back: How can we achieve something similar? 

 Extraordinary Muslims in Unprecedented Times 

Published on Noor & Zafir (12 Aug 2020) 

It’s on the role that each of us can play in improving our collective reputation. 


How The Muslim Shepherd Started?

Many people asked me this question, so I decided to put the answer here. 

My first articles were “The Shepherd” and “Why learning Leadership can change your life?”. This is how the blog started. 

It was more leadership-oriented. 

 The Muslim Shepherd stood on two ideas:  

1- We are all leaders by default  

2- Leadership is multidimensional.  

Good leaders know about various things- personal development, psychology, thinking, communication, etc. 

But the concept of leadership didn’t resonate with people the way I wanted.  

Most were associating leadership with the professional world. 

Leadership in Islam is larger than that. It concerns men and women, at work or home, with people or alone with ourselves.  

So I removed leadership from the spotlight to keep the generalist idea behind it.   

But my appetite for learning increased with this blog. 

So today, The Muslim Shepherd is no more exclusive to leadership. 




To my wife. If you find my articles bad, imagine what my wife has been through while reading my first drafts! Without her support, I simply could not put my writings out there.    

To Mehdi (aka the family developer). My little brother set up this blog and helped me save precious time so I could focus on creating content. Without him, I would probably still be reading an article on ‘How to start a blog’.      

To God. All praise is ultimately due to God who made my change process and this work possible. Everyone and everything else was His divine means.