Online Courses 

I’ve taken many online courses about various topics. I’ve posted here some that stand out. 

Transform My Prayer

This is the second course I’ve taken on salat. The first one was Meaningful Prayer (see below).  Iqbal Nasim is a great teacher; his lessons are practical and implementable from day 1. Transform My Prayer has glowing reviews and is as good as advertised. I highly recommend it.

I discovered Nouman Ali Khan on YouTube through his Story Night series. His lectures are powerful and different from the ones I used to hear. I decided to subscribe to Bayyinah for the Quran courses. It’s been more than 2 years now and I can say it’s the best use I’ve done of 11$. 

From all my habits, praying is the one that is frustrating me the most. Sometimes I’m deep into it, other times I’m totally absent. I bought this course to help me be present in my prayers. It helped. But I think praying is a habit that will take me years to perform satisfyingly. 


I mainly joined Masterclass for the writing courses. Malcolm Gladwell got me here. They keep adding new instructors from various fields. But not all the courses are suitable for Muslims though.

This is the most affordable way to practice public speaking, receive feedback, write speeches, and make new friends. Toastmasters are present in 145 countries. Once you join a club, you get access to online materials that help you get better. I joined them for public speaking and I left them wanting to write more 🙂

If you like breathing exercises and cold showers, this course is for you. Since I started the blog, I didn’t have time to finish this course. But I reached the point where I could have 10 minutes cold shower in Canadian winter. For someone like me who’s not used to the cold, it’s quite a feat.  

I wrote about Khan Academy in my article The Future of Education. They provide free lessons for both learners and teachers. Math and science are their main focus, but they also have courses in reading, computing, arts, humanities, or economics.