The Power of Questions
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LinkedIn post July 2020

🧨What is the most fundamental thing you know to be true?🧨

By asking this question enough times, Steven Bartlett ended up building Social Chain.

The benefits of this question are:
1- Removing assumptions
2- Ignoring conventional ways
3- Coming up with innovative solutions

💡 Thinking is asking questions.

When you ask superior questions, you get superior answers.

This way of thinking is derived from the first principles. A method also used by people like Elon Musk or Charlie Munger.

The first principles aim to establish the truth. Once you remove all assumptions, you’re left with the foundation. And from here, you start building up your reasoning.

The first principles are not for businesses only. It can be used for our daily life problems.

For example, if you believe you have a bad memory, the first principles help you establish the truth.
Our brain has a huge storage capacity. Knowing this I can focus on finding a better way to retain information.

⚡️So, are you asking the right question?