Books I've Read

I’ve read books in English, French, and Arabic. Both fiction and non-fiction.

Mostly, I’ll post here non-fiction English books. At least, the ones that I can recommend and might be relevant to most of you.

Also, I’ll skip the books that I read but don’t remember much of them. I spent a decade reading without taking notes. Please don’t do like me. It’s such a waste.

This section is only meant to spark your interest in books. So I’ll only write my impressions and three notes from the books. For more details, summaries and reviews, you can find them on Amazon or any other source.

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On Leadership

John Wooden

You won’t find this book recommended anywhere, and yet, it’s the most practical book on leadership. John Maxwell, the leadership guru, spent years learning from Coach Wooden. I’ve never understood what ‘attention to details’ means until I read this book.

Three notes from the book:
1- Succes is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.
2- Earn the respect of everyone, especially of yourself.
3- There is no trick, no easy way to accomplish the difficult task, no substitute for old-fashioned work.


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